White DAve

Richmond, CA



In High School, Noah David Coogler was labeled as proper, and some students even went as far as calling him “white”. Instead of fighting back, Noah’s older brother Director Ryan Coogler, suggested he roll with it and put that energy towards his rap name! Thus spawned the moniker “White Dave”, but Noah is black though!

Born and raised in Richmond CA, “Blanko” stayed away from the gangsta activity of his Bay Area predecessors like E-40 and Too Short and stuck to football and playing Pokémon on his Gameboy. “Dave” began producing beats at the age of 12, until one day when his brother Ryan came home with a cassette tape of raps that he performed with Dave’s current manager and longtime pal, Chris Morocco. It was then, at the tender age of 14, that Noah began putting the pen to the pad.

Over the next decade “Diggity Dave” became a neighborhood legend, writing and recording raps for his peers, while crafting his own unique rap flavor. Today he continues his hyper-candid “rap-as-therapy” style, spitting what he knows as opposed to trying to be someone he is not. Now settling into the self proclaimed lane of “Netflix and Chill” rapper, White Dave does not hold back on telling stories of legal California weed, the importance of therapy, popularity amongst his peers and even strip clubs!

White Dave has scored credits on movie soundtracks like Creed, Fruitvale Station and Kicks to go along with his extensive independent portfolio of songs and albums found across all streaming platforms. His song Bands from Season Of The Rich is featured in NBA 2k17 and another single, Nervous, is featured in the film Black Panther.



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